Tinhorn Creek Stage 6: Nelson – Giveout

Date:  August 3rd, 2017

The Stage:  Back in Nelson for the final stage, you’ll start in Railtown, just meters from downtown. A climb through the streets of Nelson will take riders into the community of Rosemont and onto trails starting with Silverking Trail. A few km of gentle climbing on the Giveout Creek Forest Service Road will bring you to the start of Fairly High, a new machine-built, bi-directional singletrack. You’ll continue climbing on Fairly High before popping back out on the road to finish the first climb up to the top of Upper Highballer. From there, you will start descending on a series of singletrack trails: Upper Highballer, Mister Slave, Illuminati, Born Again and Unit Cruiser for a total descent of more than 700 m to the bottom of the Morning Mountain trail network. From there, it’s a climb back up on Oilcan and Upper Bottoms, all the way to the top of Fairly High. Then, you get to enjoy this trail in the faster direction, continuing to retrace your steps down Giveout FSR and Silverking Trail with a stellar finish in Rosemont!

Distance:  Approx. 38.9 km

Elevation Gain:  1,786 m


*Data may be highly variable by device or mapping platform, as different software may use various data sources and calculation methods. Total elevation gain for the route on the maps provided is a middle estimate from multiple devices and applications.

2017 Race Guide with maps and schedule can be found HERE.