Thule Stage 5: Kaslo

Date:  August 2nd, 2017

The Stage:  Following a morning drive from Nelson, this stage will start close to downtown Kaslo on the shores of Kootenay Lake. Stage 5 begins with a climb out of town on Highway 31 for the first 4 km. The climbing only continues from there, with another 4 km and 400 m of sustained climbing on forest road up the eastern slopes of Mount Buchanan, offering sublime views of the lake below. From there, it’s onto singletrack that traverses the mountain heading west. A short singletrack descent is followed by a climb up to the high point of the day. The trail is rugged and steep in places, occasionally unrideable, but also offers up some true joy. As you descend onto the lower slopes of the mountain, the grade eases off and the speeds pick up, cruising into the Nordic ski area. The route descends to the highway, follows the shoulder of the road for a few fast km, utilizes a pedestrian bridge to cross the Kaslo River and accesses the True Blue Trail network. This part of the course includes a couple of stiff climbs up Spanish Moss and the new Strawberry Ridge trail, before descending back to the airport and down to the river valley. This is where you’ll wind through the woods back into town to finish on the lakeshore.

Distance:  Approx. 38.4 km

Elevation Gain: 1,822 m


*Data may be highly variable by device or mapping platform, as different software may use various data sources and calculation methods. Total elevation gain for the route on the maps provided is a middle estimate from multiple devices and applications.

2017 Race Guide with maps and schedule can be found HERE.