Planet Foods Stage 5: Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

Date: August 1, 2018

The Location: Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park, Vernon

Located southeast of the city of Vernon, Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park offers up 42 square kilometres of beautiful countryside featuring grassland, ponderosa pine forest, climbs to views of Kalamalka Lake and, of course, tons of singletrack.

The Plan: Wake up after a relaxing night in Revelstoke, BC and shuttle 1.5 hours to the start just outside Kalamalka Park at Kalamalka Secondary School.  After the ride, we’ll head back up to Silver Star for the final stage.  
The Stage:  The crew at the North Okanagan Cycling Society (NOCS) has created a network of trails that feature flowing switchback climbs over rocky terrain leading to bombing descents that will leave you grinning ear-to-ear.  The views of Kalamalka Lake and the surrounding mountain ranges are simply spectacular. The main descent of the day, “Big Ed” may be the toughest section of trail you will ride all week – so take your time and you’ll be fine! It was the talk of the peloton in 2015!
Distance: 40.7 km
Elevation Gain/Loss: approx. 1500m*
*Elevation data may be highly variable by device or mapping platform, as different software may use various data sources and calculation methods. Our total elevation gain for the stage is a middle estimate based on readings from multiple devices.  Route details subject to change.  View map on Trailforks.

Family Entertainment:  Looking for something to do while Mom, Dad or significant other are on the trail?

•  Go for a hike and check out some of the 432 recorded varieties of vascular plants in the park.
• Park in the Twin Bay lot and walk down the Jade or Juniper Trails for a swim in the lake.
• Great boating and water sports activities are nearby – check out Kal Beach on Kalamalka Road!