Stage 2: Silver Star Bike Park

Date: July 27th, 2015

The Location: Silver Star Bike Park, Vernon

Silver Star Bike Park is steeped in mountain bike history and some of the best trails you’ll find anywhere.  The Trail Crew is the backbone of the resort and the dedication they have for building and buffing the trails is what has Silver Star Bike Parkgiven them such a great reputation.  The new XC network is an incredible place to get your pedal on. Up at the resort the weather is always 10 degrees cooler than the valley below and the amazing trails that they are so well known for on the DH side have now been carved into XC/AM trails that will definitely impress.

The Plan: Rise and shine in Salmon Arm for a 90km shuttle to Silver Star.  Enjoy the views as as we make our way south to Vernon and climb up to the base of the resort on Silver Star Mountain at an elevation of 3800 feet. 

The Stage: Silver Star is ‘new school’ singletrack with a hint of the old thrown in.  The purpose built xc singletrack, whether going up or down, has been built with an emphasis on maintaining flow.  Bermed out corners and switchback after switchback after switchback are the norm here. 

Distance: 39.8 km
Elevation Gain: 1,200 m*
Timed Descent: 2.3 km, 200m elevation loss

(route details subject to change)



Download PFD of Stage 2 (2.2MB)

Family Entertainment:  Looking for something to do while Mom, Dad or significant other are on the trail?

  • take a nature tour and check out the local flora and fauna
  • take the chairlift to the top of the mountain and go for a hike
  • play some disc golf or try out geocaching
  • rent a DH or Xc bike and go for a ride

For more information on Silver Star Bike Park click HERE or like their Facebook page.

*Elevation data may be highly variable by device or mapping platform, as different software may use various data sources and calculation methods. Our total elevation gain for the stage is a middle estimate based on readings from multiple devices.