Great Events

Looking for other great mountain biking events?  Look no further!

web logo raidRaid VTT – This outdoor challenge is designed to promote the ongoing CHEMINS DU SOLEIL ( itinerary, bearing in mind that the route of the challenge changes every year. This challenge is organised by the Raid VTT (Mountain bike challenge) in close partnership with the Conseil général de la Drôme and the town of Gap. This sports adventure is considered EXTREME due to its dramatic altitudinal ranges (+ than 7,500 m). The cycling package/formula (untimed) provides you with a three-day itinerary to cover a route that is usually planned over five to seven days (individual registration). The “elite” formula also includes a one-night stopover, is timed and is covered in teams of two (men, women, or mixed). This challenge is only for experienced mountain bikers given the physical effort required and the technical difficulties of the track. We can only register you for this race if you are an experienced cyclist able to cycle for three consecutive days over more than 8,000 m of climbs and ascents and have a good a good downhill technique.

TEASER RAID VTT 2014 from La Drôme on Vimeo.

Transpyrgrande2014TransPyr – TRANSPYR COAST TO COAST, is designed to offer a great personal challenge and provide one of the best mountain bike adventures available. The route will immerse riders in the scenery and cultures of the Pyrenees, from the southern SL opes of the Pyrenees, crossing and merging Catalonia Pyrenees, Aragón, Navarra and Euskadi. An authentic Graduated in Mountain Bike to meet at least once in your life.

Mountain Quest Mountain Quest: 1 day, 3 mountains, 180km, 6000+ metres of climbing, GPS guided and self sufficient.  The Mountain Quest is not just a competition, it is a test of physical and mental limits while biking in remote Portugal locations, away from civilization and in harmony with Nature.

Moab Rocks takes some of the regions best classic and new routes including Captain Ahab, Porcupine Rim and Mag 7 and combines them into a 3-day masterpiece of xc and timed descents in a fully supported format.  All this wrapped up in a fun and friendly atmosphere, combining camaraderie and competition.  TransRockies Events pioneered Mountain Bike Stage Racing in North America with the TransRockies Challenge in 2002, and the 3-day race format with the TR3 starting in 2009.  Poison Spider Bicycles brings its expertise in Moab’s mountain bike trails and community to Moab Rocks.

Rundle’s Revenge is a two-day fun-fest that includes mountain biking and trail running. No, it’s not a duathlon.  Rundle’s Revenge is so much more than that! Where duathlons combine the two events into one day, Rundle’s Revenge gives you a full day for each event.

If you only want to do the mountain biking on Saturday or just the trail running on Sunday, you can! There are shorter courses and longer courses, and for you competitive masochists that both bike and trail run, you can participate both days for maximum pleasure. Bring your A-game to the full donkey and you just might qualify for The Iron Donkey Award. Really…who wouldn’t want to be an Iron Donkey?