2016 Singletrack 6: Stage 4

Planet Foods Stage 4 in Kimberley had a theme of “the looming threat”. Here’s why:

Ominous looking clouds hung in the sky and there were concerns that Singletrack

6 might get its first bout of precipitation.

The night before this stage, we found out that road construction was happening beside Kimberley’s Platzl area where the ST6 start and finish was to be located.

At the top of the most arduous climb leading into the Duck Pond Trail, bones from an unlucky ungulate lent a forewarning tone after the relentless grind.

But it’s ST6, so luck was on our side! The weather turned out great, the construction company was accommodating (the roadwork had no impact on the race) and all mountain bikers made it out of the woods unscathed. #winning

Kimberley Nature Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Canada with more than 2,000 acres. We want to thank Kimberley Nature Park Society whole-heartedly for their hard work for their part in tending to the trails that have helped Kimberley grow into a renowned mountain bike destination!

In terms of this stage’s field of racers, there was general stability across the Solo Open Women’s with Sonya Looney holding onto her top position and Kate Aardal remaining in second. Third seat changed up however with Marlee Dixon moving in. The men’s field went through more significant shifts, growing increasingly unpredictable. But exciting!

Quebec’s Mathieu Belanger-Barrette (Pivot) knocked Austrian Manuel Weissenbacher off of the podium and kept Andreas Hartmann off the top spot. And then an epic battle for third stole the show with a tie between Patrick Chartrand and Marc-Andre Daigle!

Now off we go to Golden for the final stretch! Thanks for reading and let’s see what Stages 5 & 6 have in store because Golden’s trails will bring big changes.

Singletrack 6 Results:

Team Category Stage Winning Riders Overall Leaders
Open Men Christian Gauvin & Ian Carbonneau Ian Auld & Dustin Andrews
Open Women Natalie Koncz & Shannon Holden Natalie Koncz & Shannon Holden
Open Mixed Veronique Fortin & John Burns Veronique Fortin & John Burns
80+ Men Christoph Zimmermann &
Tobias Zaehringer
Christoph Zimmermann & Tobias Zaehringer
80+ Mixed Wendy Simms & Norm Thibault Wendy Simms & Norm Thibault
100+ Mixed Michael Boehm & Tony Routley Michael Boehm & Tony Routley
Solo Stage Winning Rider Overall Leader
Open Men  Mathieu Belanger-Barrette Mathieu Belanger-Barrette
Open Women Sonya Looney Sonya Looney
40+ Men Justin Mark Justin Mark
40+ Women Trish Grajczk Trish Grajczk
50+ Men Tom Ebbern Geoff Clark

Timed Descent Results:      

Category Riders
Men Peter Watson
Women Wendy Simms

Interested in the full results for the Planet Foods Stage 4? Here you go:

Timed Descent

General Classification

Stage 4 Results


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